Available Pieces
  • M4818


    Chinese porcelain blue and white circular box and cover painted overall with an intricate basket weave pattern intertwined with flowers on a blue washed ground, the interior plain, the base with a four-character mark of Xuande in underglaze blue.

  • M4815


    Chinese porcelain blue and white large deep saucer dish of thickly potted form painted with a fabulous seated qilin amongst stylised flames, rockwork and plantain beneath the moon, all within a single line in underglaze blue and beneath a brown dressed rim, the underside plain with a wide channel foot rim, the blue of luminous tone. The base with an incised Chinese collector’s mark, da zhai (grand hall).

  • M5170


    Chinese porcelain blue and white figure of Zhenwu, seated on a large throne with raised back, wearing an imperial dragon robe with armour at the shoulders and a flaming pearl on the skirt, flanked between his two standing generals, Wan Gong and Wan Ma, all on a raised oval plinth painted with a tortoise and snake amongst flames and lingzhi and above crested waves.

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  • RP1


    A rare pair of Chinese porcelain famille rose plaques enamelled with 'the Five Gods Of Wufang' and 'the Three Star Gods', each panel of rectangular form, one delicately painted in bright enamels with the Three Star Gods, Fu Lu Shou, engaged in various pursuits within a fenced garden with pine trees, rockworks and rivers, the other with the Five Gods of the Wufang, Wu Lao, admiring a scroll painting of a Taiji trigram held by two attendants, all in front of a small waterfall set within a rocky landscape, all finely detailed in pink enamel with gilt details, the faces of each Immortal realistically rendered in fine detail with subtle shading, the central panel within a gilt border on a finely-engraved green graviata ground with a design of flowers and foliage.

  • R1223


    Chinese pure white jade thin snuff bottle of flattened form, well-hollowed with an oval neck and oval raised foot rim, with recessed base, the stone of even white colour, with fitted rose quartz stopper.

  • R1207


    Chinese jade waterpot carved as an upright lotus leaf with relief veins, beside a pod, another leaf and branches forming the foot rim, the stone of pale celadon tone.

  • R1258


    Chinese porcelain blue and white two-handled vase and cover, the vase of pear-shape form decorated on both sides with panels containing a figure in a fenced garden and auspicious objects, all within a flower-shape cartouche surrounded by lotus and prunus blossoms, all beneath a flower scroll border, the two handles decorated at the top with animal masks and at the bottom with a folded-over leaf, the wide and splayed foot decorated with a geometric triangular band, the base recessed and glazed white, the domed cover decorated with a cartouche containing four auspicious objects amongst four prunus flower sprays, the finial of pointed form.

  • M4241


    A rare and large Chinese porcelain blue and white bowl painted on the exterior with a dragon and phoenix bird amongst stylised flames, waves and flower sprays, the interior painted with a bird perched on rockwork amongst flowers encircled by a wide band of different flower sprays beneath butterflies in flight, blue glazed washed rim.

  • R1227


    Chinese porcelain blue and white rectangular tea caddy and circular cover on four bracket feet, painted on the wide sides with vases and precious objects including a weiqi board, counter holder, books, censer and scrolls, the short sides with flowering branches, the flat shoulder with reverse technique flower sprays on a blue ground, the top of the cover similarly decorated.

  • R1229


    Chinese porcelain blue and white and celadon glazed water dropper in the form of a three-legged toad, moulded with relief nodules covering the body, the chest with a brown glazed slip, the base unglazed.

  • R1230


    Chinese porcelain blue and white fluted stem bowl painted on the exterior, foot, interior and underside with flowering blooms on branches amongst leaves, including hibiscus, chrysanthemum, peony and camelia, all beneath a petal lobed rim, the base with a lingzhi mark.

  • M5155


    A Chinese jade carving of an elephant with two standing boy attendants caring for it, one holding a brush at the flank, the other holding another brush behind its right ear, all on a carved wave ground, the stone pale celadon with natural russet markings used.

  • R1026


    A Chinese jade pendant in the form of a melon with butterflies, the stone white.

  • R9596/7


    A pair of Chinese sancai large stoneware equestrian roof tiles each modelled with a warrior wearing a helmet and armour, seated atop a standing horse, supported by a saddle cloth above clouds, the manes heightened in black, the glaze with traces of iridescence due to weathering.

  • M3882


    A Blanc de Chine figure of Laozi, seated with his arms crossed, resting on an armrest, with a scroll in his left hand, dressed in long robes, his face modelled with arched brows, bulbous nose and long incised beard and moustache.

  • M5140/M4476


    A pair of large Japanese Imari porcelain chargers heightened in polychrome including green, aubergine and black enamel, each painted in the centre with iron-red, gilt and underglaze blue with a vase of peony and prunus between birds perched on branches looking in at each other, the elaborate border with shaped reserves of peony flower heads and buds between butterflies with chrysanthemum, leaves and stylised clouds.

  • R1086


    A Chinese Blanc de Chine ‘Governor Duff’ group, modelled as a family in western dress seated between a small table, in front of a cross, and a food dish, the family formally arranged with a pet dog and monkey seated either side of a potted plant, the standing boy and girl holding a fan and ornament while the parents each hold a cup, all on a raised rockwork base. 7 inches, 17.7cm high. Kangxi, 1662-1722, circa 1690.

  • M3952


    Chinese porcelain famille vertewucai large dish with flat everted rim, painted in the centre with three semi-clad women fighting with equestrian warriors with equestrian generals in the foreground and a general and minister watching over the battle scene with a flag bearer, the flag with two characters, san jun, in gilt, all amongst rockwork encircled by six river landscape reserves on a diaper ground, the underside with an artemisia leaf within a double ring in underglaze blue.

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