2004 Ming Blue and White



The catalogue of Ming Blue and White: Jiajing – Chongzhen including Dated Examples comprises of 82 pieces and accompanied our exhibition in November 2004. Notable pieces are an imperial Jiajing square dragon vase, a Jiajing dated 1543 weiqi jar, another Jiajing dated 1561 weiqi jar, a massive Jiajing immortal double gourd, the President Herbert Hoover imperial Wanli fruit and flower bowl, an imperial Wanli dragon and phoenix zun, an imperial Wanli openwork rectangular dragon box and cover, a dated 1605 dragon alms bowl from F. Gordon Morrill and an imperial Wanli two-handled rectangular incense burner dated 1617 with immortals and a large Kraak vase and cover with tiger. Hard back. Introduction by John Ayers.