2005 Recent Acquisitions



The catalogue of Recent Acquisitions, Chineses Imperial and Export Porcelain,  comprises of 80 pieces of Chinese porcelain and works of art and accompanied our 80th anniversary exhibition in 2005. Notable pieces are an imperial Wanli bottle vase with garlic mouth, an imperial Yongzheng guan-type glazed faceted vase of baluster form, an imperial Yongzheng blue and white vase of hu form, a large imperial Qianlong ge-type vase with garlic mouth, an imperial Qianlong flambé glazed lobed gu vase, an imperial Qianlong dated wall vase with iron-red dragons, a pair of imperial Qianlong sky-blue ground graviata bowls from Fonthill House, an imperial Qianlong blue and white floral tianqiuping, an imperial Daoguang copper-red dragon brushpot and a pair of yellow ground enamel bowls and covers from Fonthill House. Soft back.