2009 Ming Porcelain



This special catalogue of Ming Porcelain celebrated the rebuilding of 120 Kensington Church Street and comprises of 54 porcelain pieces of the Ming dynasty and accompanied our exhibition in 2009. Notable pieces are a Yongle blue and white floral dish with foliate rim, a small Yongle blue and white foliate dish, a Xuande mark and period stem bowl with lilies, a Xuande mark and period floral bowl, a massive Longquan celadon dish with fluted rim, an imperial Zhengde yellow ground blue and white gardenia dish, a massive imperial Jiajing blue and white dragon guan, a large imperial Jiajing iron-red dragon bowl, an imperial Jiajing red-ground yellow dragon jar, an imperial Longqing poem bowl, a large Wanli imperial fish bowl, a massive Wanli imperial dragon meiping, an imperial Wanli small wucai floral guan and a kosometsuke water bucket and cover. Hard back and slip case. Introduction by John Ayers.