A Chinese blanc de chine hookah base, the body moulded in high-relief with flowering branches of winter prunus, beneath a relief band of leaves at the shoulder, repeated beneath the rim, the neck of conical form with a wide, flat flange, all on a slightly splayed foot, all between anhua key-fret bands on the rim and foot, covered overall in an even white glaze.

7 ¼ inches, 8.4cm high.

Early Kangxi, 1662-1722, circa 1670.


Condition: Two rim chips and one foot chip restored.

Provenance & Additional Information

  • Formerly in a private French collection.
  • A similar example described as a ‘water vessel’ is illustrated by P. J. Donnelly in Blanc De Chine, pl.127.c. Donnelly mentions on p.188, “Thus the bottles and ewer of plate 127, of strong near-eastern influence, were in use at the Dresden court (where they served as milk jugs) as well as in China itself.
  • A similar bottle vase without the flange was included by Marchant in their exhibition of Blanc de Chine, 2006, no.87, p. 129.