A Chinese blanc de chine group of a standing European gentleman, probably a Dutchman, holding a fan and wearing an elaborate buttoned jacket and tricorn hat with detailed hairwork, standing beside his young attendant similarly dressed holding a flywhisk, all beside a seated dog and between a bonsai tree in a jardinière, all supported on a stylised rockwork base.

6 5/8 inches, 16.8 cm high.

Kangxi, 1662-1722.


Tiny chips to end of dog’s collar and dog’s ear tips.

Provenance & Additional Information

  • From an old English private collection.
  • No other identical model appears published.
  • Two related models where the gentleman is seated cross-legged and playing a lute are illustrated by Marchant in Blanc de Chine, 1994, nos. 42/42a, p. 41, where it mentions another in the Victoria & Albert Museum which is illustrated by Donnelli, pl. 117B; and another with a Johannaeum mark N30 in the Dresden Museum collection.