A Chinese blanc de chine jue, tripod libation cup with single strap handle, moulded on the body with four panels of bamboo and lingzhi between relief flanges, all on three feet with mask terminals and beneath a moulded key-fret band at the rim, covered in a cream glaze.

3 ¾ inches, 9.5 cm long.

Ming/ Qing dynasty, circa 1650.

Carved wood stand.


Available on request.

Provenance & Additional Information

  • Published by Marchant in their exhibition of Blanc de Chine, 2014, no. 113.
  • From the de Botton family collection, UK.
  • A similar example is illustrated by P. J. Donnelly in Blanc de Chine, pl. 34C; another is illustrated by John Ayers in The Chinese Porcelain Collection of Marie Vergottis, no. 39, p. 63.