Chinese Blanc de Chine large wine cup of magnolia flower form, the openwork branches forming the foot rim and extending on the applied sides with branches of prunus and magnolia, covered in a white cream glaze.

5 ¼ inches, 13.3 cm wide.

Late Ming dynasty, circa 1640.


Available on request.

Provenance & Additional Information

  • From the Bluett family collection.
  • Included by Marchant in their exhibition of Blanc de Chine, 2014, no. 131, p. 158.
  • A pair of similar cups was included by Marchant in their exhibition of Blanc de Chine, 2006, no. 116, p. 149; another is illustrated by Donnelly, op. cit. pl. 27A & pl. 28B, he illustrates a painting by Leonard Knyf, dated 1681, which depicts such a cup; a further example is illustrated by Gordon Lang in Chinese and Japanese Porcelain from the Collection of the Earls of Exeter, no. 232, p. 89, where he notes that the cup was included in the 1681 inventory at Burghley House; forty-three further cups of this type are listed in The Dresden Johannaeum Inventory of 1721.