Chinese porcelain blue and white cylindrical brushpot, bitong, with unglazed rim painted in a continuous scene with a seated dignitary on a tiger-skin-draped chair, attended by six ladies, two holding large fans, one a fly whisk and one a conical box, while one serves refreshments to a seated visitor who is accompanied by a warrior and a standing dignitary with a long beard, in a covered terrace scene with elaborate curtains, a table, tall screen, fencing, rockwork, wutong and swirling clouds, all between bands of ‘cracked ice’ and ‘blobby dots’, the base glazed with an unglazed channel foot.

6 3/4 inches, 17.2 cm diameter.

Early Kangxi, circa 1670.

Wood stand.



Provenance & Additional Information

  • Formerly in the Dr. Lowell S. Young Collection, San Francisco, USA, collection no. 43.
  • Purchased from Roger Keverne Ltd., November 2005.
  • Included by Roger Keverne Ltd., in their Winter catalogue, 2005, no. 42.
  • Included by Marchant in their exhibition of Kangxi Underglaze Blue and Copper-red, 2016, no. 1, pp. 8-11.
  • A related brushpot, with lady musicians wearing similar dresses, is illustrated by Chen Run Min in The Gugong Museum Collection of Qing Dynasty Porcelain, Shunzhi Period and Kangxi Period Underglaze Blue, 2005, no. 220, pp. 340-1.
  • Included by Marchant in their exhibition The Dr. Lowell Young Collection, Ming & Qing Blue & White Porcelain, 2012, no. 20, pp. 42-45.