A Chinese porcelain blue and white small cylindrical sleeve vase, rolwagen, painted with a standing official holding a hu tablet, attended to by two boys, one presenting a jue, all within a continuous landscape scene with palm trees, plantain, ‘v’-shaped grass and rockwork, beneath the moon amongst clouds, with birds in flight, all between anhua scrolling bands, the gently waisted neck painted with branches of bamboo, orchid and prunus.

9 ¾ inches, 24.8 cm high.

Transitional, Chongzhen, circa 1640.



Provenance & Additional Information

  • Published by Marchant in their exhibition of Imperial Chinese Porcelain, Ceramics and Works of Art, 2013, no. 9, pp. 20/21.
  • Sold by Christies London in their auction of Fine Chinese Export Porcelain and Paintings, 5-6th July 1984, no. 130, purchased by Marchant.
  • Sold by Marchant, 27th February 1985.
  • A similar sleeve vase with a lady and two boys in The Gugong Museum Collection, Beijing, is illustrated Chen Run Min in Qing Dynasty Porcelain and Underglaze Blue of The Shunzhi and Kangxi Periods, no. 41, pp. 80/1.