Chinese porcelain blue and white bitong of gu form painted with flared neck and relief ribbed body, painted on the top register in a continuous scene with flowering prunus branches and birds, one perched on the branch, the other in flight, with a large open-winged butterfly amongst other plants with a spray of large leaves, bamboo and grasses, the raised middle band with a continuous scrolling branch above lappets and leaves, the base unglazed.

7 ¼ inches, 18.8 cm high.

Transitional, Chongzhen, 1628-1644.

Provenance & Additional Information

  • Formerly in a Scandinavian private collection.
  • A related brushpot in the Gugong is illustrated by Chen Run Min in Qing Dyansty Shunzhi and Kangxi Period Underglaze Blue, Beijing, 2005, no. 31, pp. 64/5.


Excellent, natural fold in the rim.