Chinese porcelain blue and white octagonal bowl with pierced ‘reticulated’ roundels on each facet in pairs of honeycomb, wave, fretwork and cash, set within trapezoid windows, above a scroll and pearl pattern above a keyfret band, the interior glazed white, the base and foot rim unglazed.

5 ¼ inches, 13.3 cm diameter.

Late Ming, 1640-1644.


Provenance & Additional Information

  • Formerly in an English private collection.
  • Two related pairs of similar size gift of Sir A. W. Franks, OA F.1585&6, are included by Jessica Harrison-Hall in Ming Ceramics in the British Museum, no. 12:43-12:46, p. 369, where the author notes, “The discovery of similar octagonal reticulated bowls from the Hatcher Wreck has made possible the dating of the present bowls to circa 1643. The delicate carved openwork designs are more commonly scene in wooden screens set into windows of Southern houses to keep them cool in summer time.” Two smaller related pairs were included by Christie’s Amsterdam in their auction of Fine and Important Late Ming and Transitional Porcelain, Recently Recovered in an Asian Vessel in the South China Sea¸ the Property of Captain Michael Hatcher, 14th March 1984, lots 197 & 199, p. 38.



Five minute exterior rim nibbles and natural foot biscuit nibbles.