Chinese porcelain blue and white vase of double gourd form painted on the globular lower register with a hunting scene with three equestrian archers and a further equestrian with a whip and swinging an implement in pursuit of a stag, the shoulder with a band of flower heads on a continuous scrolling leafy branch, the pear-shaped top register similarly painted with an equestrian in pursuit of a stag also with a whip and swinging implement, all amongst willow branches, pine, v-shaped grass, rockwork and cloud banks, the gently flared rim painted with a wide band of stylised flowers and jewels.

14 1/8 inches, 35.9 cm high.

Transitional, Chongzhen, circa 1630-1640.

Provenance & Additional Information

  • Formerly in the collection of Richard Chester-Master.
  • Two slightly smaller vases of identical form also with narrative scenes are illustrated by Richard S. Kilburn in Transitional Wares and their Forerunners, nos. 41;42, pp. 100/101.


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