Blue and white tea bowl of cylindrical form on a tall foot, painted with two pairs of characters ji xi “fortune and happiness” in stylised octofoil lotus flower head reserves on cash and scale diaper grounds beneath a band of scrolls at the rim and above two blue lines on the foot, the rim with mushikui.

3 1/2 inches, 8.9cm diameter.

Tianqi/Chongzhen, circa 1630.

Japanese wood box.


Available on request.

Provenance & Additional Information

  • No other identical tea bowl appears to be recorded.
  • One of similar shape painted with yu character “to relate” from the Itsu-o Fine Arts Museum is illustrated by Masahiko Kawahara in Ko-sometsuke Monochrome Section, no.215, p.57. For another similar of slightly smaller dimensions see The Idemitsu Museum of Arts, Tokyo exhibition catalogue Kosometsuke and Shonzui, no.69, p.51.