2. M5045



Chinese pottery straw glazed ovoid jar and cover, guan, with four double-loop handles at the shoulder above an incised line repeated on the cover surmounted by a flat knop, covered overall in an even straw glaze falling short of the buff-coloured foot rim with a further incised unglazed line on the lower body, the interior covered in an olive-green glaze with three spur marks in the well.

Total height with cover 10 inches, 25.5 cm.

Late Sui – early Tang dynasty, late 6th – early 7th century.



Provenance & Additional Information

  • Formerly in the collection of an old Asian family.
  • Exhibited at the Gulbenkian Museum of Art and Archaeology, Durham (together with label, “L56”).
  • Published by Marchant in their exhibition of Chinese Ceramics Tang to Song, 2022, no. 2, pp. 10-11.
  • A Sui dynasty example is illustrated by Li Huibing in Porcelain of the Jin and Tang Dynasties, The Complete Collection of Treasures of the Palace Museum, Beijing, 71, p. 77.
  • A similar example from the collection of Mrs. Walter Sedgwick was included by Alan Barlow, Basil Gray, Harry M. Garner & Howard Hansford in the Oriental Ceramic Society exhibition of The Arts of the Tang Dynasties, 1955, no. 177, pl. 12; another was included by the Osaka Art Museum, Osaka, in their exhibition of Chugoku Bijutsu Ten Series: Zui To no Bijutsu, The Art of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, 1976, no. 1-14, pl. 7; another from the Collection of Lord Hollenden was included by Basil Gray in the Oriental Ceramic Society exhibition of Wares of the T’ang Dynasty, 1949, no. 61; and another is illustrated by Masahiko Sato and Gakuji Hasebe in Sekai Toji Zenshu, Ceramic Art of the World, Volume 11, Sui and T’ang Dynasties, no. 108, p. 127.


Minute chip restored to the rim of the cover, natural firing imperfections.