34. M4730



Chinese ceramic Yaozhou celadon glazed bowl, wan, of conical form moulded with two long neck geese between a central lotus bouquet with flowerhead branches, leaves, arrowhead, bud and pod on a dense comb-technique wave ground, the reverse incised with a single band and covered overall in an even olive-celadon glaze thinning towards the unglazed burnt brown foot rim, the base glazed brown in the firing, the foot rim with finger-nail marks.

6 ¼ inches, 15.9 cm diameter.

Northern Song – Jin dynasty, Yaozhou kilns, 11th – 12th century.


Provenance & Additional Information

  • Purchased from Susan Chen, Hong Kong, 22nd October 1993.
  • Sold by Marchant, 4th July 1994.
  • From a private English collection, Devon.
  • Included by Marchant in their exhibition of Chinese Ceramics Tang to Song, 2022, no. 34, pp. 92-93.
  • A related duck bowl is illustrated by Bo Gyllensvärd in Chinese Ceramics in the Carl Kempe Collection, 78, p. 45; another from the collection of Ueno Seiichi (1882-1970), president of Asahi Shinbun is illustrated by Rose Kerr, Regina Krahl, Baoping Li, Lü Chenglong, Tao Wang and Wang Xiaomeng in Marvels of Celadon: The Shang Shan Tang Collection of Yaozhou Wares, no. 24, pp. 130-133, where the authors note, “Ducks in a lotus pond was a favourite motif of the Song and Yuan dynasties, appearing on a variety of media, including textiles as well as ceramics from many kilns across China. During the Yuan, the motif was used to decorate the robes of the Wenzong Emperor (r. 1328-32) and was described in contemporary poetry as a ‘pond overflowing with beauty’ (manchi jiao)”.
  • This design with a bouquet of lotus and two geese appears to be very rare.


Excellent, tiny nick to the inner foot rim, a few surface scratches especially one to the outer rim approx. 7mm long.