A Chinese green lead glazed large lian, wine warmer and cover with two stylised relief mask and ring handles between two bands of three rings, standing on three bear feet, the animals with long ears, the moulded cover with a stylised bronze loose ring handle surrounded by two bands, one with dots and triangles, the other with a stylised scroll and dot pattern, the rim with band of petals, the base unglazed.

Overall height 19.5 cm, 7 5/8 inches height, 20.2 cm, 8 inches diameter.

Late Eastern Han, 76-220 AD


Excellent condition; small chip on knop.

Provenance & Additional Information

  •  Formerly in the collection of QC Cheng Huan, Stockton House, Wiltshire.
  • For similar examples see Spirit of Han, Aileen Lau, no. 98, p. 118; and another in Archeological Finds from Han Tombs and Guangzhou and Hong Kong, Peter Lam, no. 20, pp. 78/9.
  • It is interesting to note the silver at the lower section of the body is caused by a reaction with the lead in the glaze and the acids in the soil.