Chinese porcelain famille rose, fencai, large dish painted in the centre with He Xiangu travelling on a giant peach leaf raft with her attendant steering, amongst billowing and crested waves beside a pink open winged bat in flight and beneath overhanging rockwork with fruiting peach branches, encircled by the Eight Immortals above waves in ruyi-head reserves, Han Zhongli holding a flywhisk leaning on a giant peach, Zhang Guolao holding drum sticks and riding on a donkey, Lü Dongbin carrying his sword and riding a dragon fish, He Xiangu holding a lotus branch and riding on a peach leaf, Li Tieguai with a gourd on his back riding a dragon raft, Han Xiangzi playing a flute riding a crab, Lan Caihe holding a basket and riding a giant shrimp and Cao Guojiu catching his music stones and riding a yellow horse, all on pink and turquoise diaper grounds.

15 ⅝ inches, 39.8 cm diameter.

Yongzheng, 1723-1735.


Available on request.

Provenance & Additional Information

  • From the collection of Professor and Mrs Robert de Strycker, Belgium.
  • A similar dish is illustrated by William Motley in the Cohen & Cohen exhibition catalogue Think Pink, 2013, no. 27, p. 40, where two related ruby-back soup plates with ladies on waves are illustrated, nos. 21 & 22, pp. 34/5.
  • A related large charger from the Daelmans Collection with Lady Magu, is included by Marchant in their catalogue of Recent Acquisitions, 2007, no. 64, pp. 120/1.
  • A similarly decorated vase is illustrated by Michel and Cécile Beurdeley in Chinese Ceramics, no. 131, p. 254 with a colour enlargement, pl. 89, p. 233.