Chinese porcelain famille verte, wucai cylindrical brushpot painted with three star gods, Fuxing looking up at a bat in flight amongst rockwork, Luxing holding a hu tablet beneath the moon in a fenced landscape, and Kuixing standing on one leg on a leaping dragon-headed fish above crested waves and central rock while holding an ingot and brush, all on a seed green ground with bamboo, peach, persimmon, prunus, daisy, orchid, lotus and other plants, the underside with a wide unglazed band and recessed glazed button.

5 3/4 inches, 14.5 cm high; 4 5/8 inches, 11.8 cm wide.

Kangxi, 1662-1722.


Excellent, some small scratches to enamels.

Provenance & Additional Information

  • Formerly in a French private collection, with trace of old dealer’s label.
  • This brushpot is particularly unusual as on most occasions that the three star gods appear, they are depicted as Fuxing, Luxing and Shoulao. In this instance, Shoulao is omitted and the god of Literature, Kuixing is included.
  • The enamel colours are all very bright and the use of the thick black outline indicates a 17th century date.