Chinese porcelain dated famille verte baluster vase of guanyin zun form, with ribbed cylindrical flared neck, painted on the body in a continuous scene with the famous General and Minister, Guo Ziyi seated beside his wife while being visited by his entire family to celebrate his Seventieth birthday all in front of a crested wave and river landscape screen amongst rockwork and plants, the reverse with his son, Guo Ai, riding an iron-red dappled horse beside rockwork and a twelve-character, two-column dated couplet corresponding to a winter day in the Xinsi year, 1701, with a five-character signature of Yihui Zhuren shu, the neck with a continuous mountain river landscape with a scholar and attendant beneath the moon, all within iron-red double lines. The base with a double ring in underglaze blue.

17 ½ inches, 44.5 cm high.

Kangxi, 1701.


Rim chip, some blue touched in.

Provenance & Additional Information

  • Formerly in an old American private collection.
  • Included by Marchant in their exhibition Important Chinese Porcelain from Private Collections, 2012, no. 18, pp. 44-45.
  • Included by Marchant in their exhibition of Kangxi Famille Verte, 2017, no. 25, pp. 72-75.
  • A rouleau vase of this subject was included by Marchant in their 90th Anniversary Exhibition of Qing Porcelain from Private Collections, 2015, no. 16, pp. 34-35.
  • A vase of this form and similar size with comparable painting also with thick black outlines depicting a scene from The Romance of the Three Kingdoms is illustrated by Wang Qingzheng in Kangxi Porcelain Wares from the Shanghai Museum Collection, no. 124, pp. 190-191.
  • A pair of famille verte vases of meiping form, also dated to the Xinsi year, corresponding to 1701, in The Harvard University Art Museum, formerly in the collection of David A. Berg, New York were included by Marchant in their catalogue of Recent Acquisitions 2001, no. 10, p. 10, and were also exhibited by Sotheby’s, New York in their exhibition of Embracing Classic Chinese Culture, Kangxi Porcelain from the Jie Rui Tang Collection, March 2014, no. 15, pp. 36-37.
  • Guo Ziyi (697-781), was a famous general who lived during the Tang Dynasty, his most famous victory was quelling the An Shi Rebellion and he was later given the title of Prince of Fenyang. From this scene we presume that his son, Guo Ai, arrived late for the family celebrations due to the fact that his wife the Princess, Sheng Ping, refused to attend the party.