Chinese white jade carving of a mythical seahorse, haima, superbly carved with the horse holding a ribbon-tied bundle of scrolls over its back above crested waves swirling on the underside, with detailed hairwork to its mane.

3 ¼ inches, 8.3 cm high.

Qianlong, 1736-1795.


Provenance & Additional Information

  • Sold by Sotheby’s London in their auction of Fine Chinese Ceramics, Jades, Works of Art and Archaic Bronzes, 13th November 1972, lot 14.
  • William Clayton Ltd., Bury Street, St. James’s, 3rd January 1973.
  • From an English private collection.
  • Sold by Christie’s London in their auction of A Private English Collection of White Jade Carvings, 4th November 2008, lot 14, purchased by Marchant.
  • Included by Marchant, London, in their exhibition of Recent Acquisitions, 2009, no. 58.
  • A larger example in the Qing Court collection is illustrated in The Complete Collection of Treasures in the Palace Museum: Jadeware (III), no. 90, p. 110; another from the collection of Alan and Simone Hartman was included by Marchant in their exhibition of Ninety Jades for 90 Years, 2015, no. 57, pp. 108/9.


Fine Condition