33. M5020



Chinese jade archaic style disc, bi, lightly incised on each side with a wide band of three different stylised dragons, a boar and a bird within a rope border encircling four interlocking taotie masks.

The stone pale taupe with russet markings.

4 inches, 10.1 cm diameter.

The incised work 18th century, the disc probably earlier.

Wood stand.


Small edge nicks.

Provenance & Additional Information

  • Sold by Louis Joseph, 28 Knightsbridge, London, 1960-1985, by repute.
  • A related larger jade bi with similar incised work, in the National Palace Museum, Taipei, is illustrated in their catalogue of Special Exhibition of Circular Jade, 1995-1996, no. 31, where the authors note that the jade was made into a bi disc in the Western Zhou period and the incised work later added.