A Chinese pale celadon and russet jade carving of a recumbent horse with head turned back and left leg raised with detailed carving to the hooves and hair work to the tail and plaited mane.

2 1/2 inches, 6.35 cm.

Ming/Qing dynasty, 17th/18th century.


Available on request.

Provenance & Additional Information

  • From an English private collection.
  • A slightly larger horse of similar style and quality dated Jin/Yuan dynasty or later, in The British Museum is illustrated Jessica Rawson in Chinese Jade: From The Neolithic to The Qing, no. 26:15, pp. 371/372 and was originally included in the Bluett & Sons Ltd. exhibition of Doctor Newton’s Zoo: A Study of Post-Archaic Small Jade Carvings, 1981, no. 49 where it is described as a model of Mongolian pony.