13. M5187



Japanese porcelain celadon lavender glazed cylindrical flower vase, mizusashi or bitong, with five petalled rim, the wide cylindrical body above two ribs at the foot and beneath a gently flared rim with the glaze thinning, covered overall on the base and the interior in an even celadon lavender Ru-type glaze, the biscuit foot rim brown.

6 ¾ inches, 17.1 cm high.

Kawase Shinobu, 1983.

Wood box, described as ‘celadon flower vase’, signed and with artist’s seal, Shinobu, on the interior of the cover and the orange cloth.

Provenance & Additional Information

  • Included in the 4th solo exhibition at Kandori, The New Otani Hotel, Tokyo, 1983; a similar slightly larger example described as a mizusashi, water container, is illustrated in the exhibition catalogue, no. 12.
  • A related five-petal vase of similar form, described as a scholar’s desk object and therefore implying it could be a brushpot, bitong, was included in the 1st solo exhibition at Kochukyo, Tokyo, 1985, illustrated in the catalogue, no. 37; another with three petals dated 2009, gift from the Friends of the Institute, is in the Minneapolis Institute of Art, collection no. 2009.40A.B.