31. M5265



Japanese ceramic unglazed, charcoal-fired stoneware vessel and cover, painted on most of the body with cream and beige slip falling short of the base and revealing the biscuit body, the pinched and pressed in cover completing the natural form.

8 inches, 20.3 cm high.

Kawase Shinobu, 1994.

Wood box, signed and with artist’s seal, Shinobu, on the interior of the cover and the orange cloth.

Provenance & Additional Information

  • From the collection at the artist’s home and described as an artist’s proof.
  • This vessel and cover is an artist’s proof for the 10th solo exhibition at Kandori, The New Otani Hotel, Tokyo, titled Fu-Re-Ko (Wind Calls Something Beautiful, Always), 1994. The artist also refers to the exhibition in the catalogue as “The fire calls the wind and the wind calls the flame”. Similar pieces were included in the exhibition, nos. 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 14 and another similar piece was used as a postcard to promote the exhibition.
  • A related vessel and cover also dated 1994 was included by the Musée Tomo, The Kanjitsu Kikuchi Memorial Tomo Museum of Art, Tokyo, in Fifty Years in Making Celadon, The Special Retrospective Exhibition of Kawase Shinobu, 2018, illustrated in the catalogue, no. 57, p. 68.

In 1991, the artist was on a cruise ship in the north of Norway to visit the northern lights, aurora borealis. This inspired him in 1991 to produce stoneware pieces for an exhibition at ASO Arts, Tokyo, titled Northern Lights, Aurora. Although this piece was an artist’s proof for the 1994 exhibition, the spirit of the northern lights design has inspired the artist to create these further wares.