36. YI7



Japanese porcelain pale celadon lavender glazed ribbed stem bowl, covered overall on the underside and interior with a Ru-type celadon lavender glaze thinning at the ribs, the foot and rim brown.

9 ½ inches, 24.2 cm diameter; 6 ½ inches, 16.5 cm high.

Kawase Shinobu, 1998.

Wood box, described as ‘celadon striped jar’, signed and with artist’s seal, Shinobu, on the interior of the cover and the orange cloth, with the seal, e ku bo, (She) has cute dimples when smiling (in the firing).

Provenance & Additional Information

  • Included in the 3rd solo exhibition at Kochukyo, Tokyo, titled Kinkoh (Balanced), 1998; five similar stem bowls of various sizes were also included and illustrated in the catalogue, section III, nos. 1-5.
  • Acquired directly from the Artist, 2019.

Kinkoh is a reference to the Chinese kin or jun character which mean ‘the potter’s wheel’, and koh in this case means ‘stripes’, they are a representation by the artist of his full set of ideas.