44. M3703



Japanese porcelain celadon glazed flower bowl deeply potted with six everted petals, covered overall on the base and interior with an even pale celadon glaze thinning at the rim, the small short biscuit foot rim revealing the body.

9 3/8 inches, 23.8 cm diameter.

Kawase Shinobu, 2014.

Wood box, described as ‘celadon flower-shaped bowl’, signed and with artist’s seal, Shinobu, on the interior of the cover and the orange cloth.

Provenance & Additional Information

  • Included by Joan B Mirviss Ltd. in the Kawase Shinobu exhibition, The Blossoming of Celadon, Seiji no Kaika, 2014; a similar example is illustrated in the brochure.
  • A five-petal similar deep bowl dated 1983, was included by the Musée Tomo, The Kanjitsu Kikuchi Memorial Tomo Museum of Art, Tokyo, in their retrospective exhibition of Beyond Tradition – Seeking His Serene Blue: Celadon Works by Kawase Shinobu, 2011, illustrated in the catalogue, no. 18, p. 30; two related bowls with five petals and seven petals were included in the additional 3rd solo exhibition at Kochukyo, Tokyo, titled Ju-Kei (Ten Scenery), 1998, illustrated in the brochure, nos. G-1 & G-2; and another five-petal deep bowl was included in the 9th solo exhibition at Kochukyo, Tokyo, titled Rimka – Rimpa (Lotus Flower, Lotus Leaf), 2015, W-16.