49. YI5



Japanese porcelain shallow fire-red and celadon glazed wine cup covered overall on the underside and interior in a persimmon red glaze, oxidizing in the well, the exterior and base with green and silver markings beneath a brown rim and on a short brown biscuit foot rim.

3 5/8 inches, 9.2 cm diameter.

Kawase Shinobu, 2017.

Wood box, described as ‘fire-red celadon cup’, signed and with artist’s seal, Shinobu, on the interior of the cover and the orange cloth, with the seal, ki-hen-syo-chu.

Provenance & Additional Information

  • Included in the 10th solo exhibition at Kochukyo, Tokyo, titled Ki-Hen-Syo-Chu (On the Scholar’s Table & In One’s Hands), 2017; four other similar wine cups are illustrated in the catalogue, nos. d-4, c-52, d-7 & d-10.
  • From a Japanese private collection.
  • A similar wine cup on a celadon glazed cup stand also dated 2017 was included by the Musée Tomo, The Kanjitsu Kikuchi Memorial Tomo Museum of Art, Tokyo, in Fifty Years in Making Celadon, The Special Retrospective Exhibition of Kawase Shinobu, 2018 and is illustrated in the catalogue, no. 75, p. 91.