A Chinese green lead glazed standing figure of a dog, the head looking forwards with well defined eyes and pointed snout with whiskers, the ears pricked up, wearing a collar joining a harness, his tail curled over his back, the glaze covered with silver iridescence from burial.

9 ¾ inches, 24.8 cm long, 8 ½ inches, 21.6 cm high.

Han Dynasty, 206BC-220AD


It is in overall good condition, however, it has a line around the top part of the back left leg which does not fluoresce under UV light; this means it is unlikely that the leg has been off, however we could not categorically rule out the possibility that it has. It also has two small drill holes for the Oxford test, one is in the base of the paw, and the other is in the base of the back side.

Provenance & Additional Information

  • Formerly in an English private collection.
  • Oxford Authentication Thermoluminescence test certificate no. C119n30.
  • This is a particularly rare model and we have been unable to find a similar example.