Chinese bronze double chilong dragon brush rest, each supported on their hind legs and tail with curled over necks and sinuous bodies with ridge spines, each with a beard, an upright leg and snout.

7 inches, 17.8 cm long.

Yuan/early Ming, 14th/15th century.


Condition: fine.

Provenance & Additional Information

  • From the collection of F. Beck.
  • A similar brush rest dated Song to Ming was sold by Christie’s Hong Kong in their auction of Inspiring the Ming – Life of a Scholar-official, 30th November 2020, lot 2841; another of similar date from the collection of Shoden-eigen-in, Kennin-ji, Kyoto, is illustrated in The Colours and Forms of Song and Yuan China: Featuring Lacquerwares, Ceramics and Metal Wares, Tokyo, 2004, no. 41.
  • A related single dragon brush rest is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and dated to the 15th century, formerly from J. J. Lally & Co., New York, collection no. 2017.131.