Blue and white deep dish moulded in the form of a chrysanthemum flower head, on three short cabriole feet, painted with a mountainous river scene, the centre with two fishing boats sailing between a two tier house beside rockwork, the other bank with a viewing pavilion in the distance and the single peak of a tall mountain in the distance beneath the moon, a double line border at the petal edge, the underside white and ribbed with a thick blue tinged glaze, the edges with mushikui.

7 1/2 inches, 19.1cm diameter.

Tianqi, 1621-1627.


Available on request.

Provenance & Additional Information

  • A dish of the same form and measurement painted with the identical landscape with the single peak mountain in the distance from a slightly different angle, gift of Roy Leventritt in the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, is illustrated by Julia B. Curtis in Trade, Taste and Transformation, Jingdezhen Porcelain for Japan, 1620-1645, 80, p.100, where the author mentions that the “dish represents a considerable investment of labour”.
  • The clever composition is skilfully and confidently done, the water is rendered by a few linear lines beneath each boat and although the areas of rockwork appear randomly placed, the composition appears to work brilliantly. Again the drawing is reminiscent of the Wanli period, which would underline a theory of a very confident and competent artist continuing to paint into the Tianqi period.
  • A further dish of this form and measurement, painted with a large elephant was included by S. Marchant & Son in their exhibition of Two Hundred Years of Chinese Porcelain, 1522-1722, June 1998, no.35, p.52.