Chinese imperial porcelain blue and white deep dish thickly potted with gently flared rim, painted on the interior with three elderly immortals discussing their age, while standing on a rocky promontory beside their attendant and a deer, beneath overhanging rockwork and pine branches, looking out towards a sea house, with a crane in flight delivering a bamboo strip of longevity into the receptacle in the window, thus extending the lifespan of the immortal by one hundred years, the underside painted with islands and a fisherman.

6 1⁄4 inches, 15.8 cm diameter.

The base with a six-character mark of Kangxi within a double ring in underglaze blue and of the period, 1662-1722, circa 1680.


Overall excellent condition.

Provenance & Additional Information

  • Sold by Sotheby, King & Chasemore, Pulborough, Sussex, 11th November 1987.
  • Included by Marchant in their exhibition of Transitional Wares for the Japanese and Domestic Market, 1989, no. 49, p. 36.
  • From the collection of Bertil J. Högström, purchased from Marchant on 11th June 1989.
  • Sold by Marchant, 24th March 1999.
  • Formerly in the collection of Jeffrey P. Stamen, The Jie Rui Tang Collection, no. 103.
  • Included by Jeffrey P. Stamen and Cynthia Volk with Yibin Ni in A Culture Revealed: Kangxi-Era Chinese Porcelain from The Jie Rui Tang Collection, no. 25, pp. 84/5.
  • Sold by Sotheby’s New York in their auction of Kangxi: The Jie Rui Tang Collection, 20th March 2018, lot 312, p. 35.
  • A similar dish was included by Marchant in Transitional Wares for the Japanese and Domestic Market, 1989, no. 48, p. 36, and is included by Leung Hiu Sun Michael in the exhibition catalogue of Commissioned Landscapes, Blue & White and Enamelled Porcelains of the Seventeenth Century, 2017, no. 59, pp. 178/9; another was included by Marchant in Recent Acquisitions, 2005, no. 28, p. 49.
  • A related dish with a similar mark is included by Richard Kilburn in Transitional Wares and Their Forerunners, an exhibition presented by the Oriental Ceramic Society and the Urban Council, Hong Kong, at the Hong Kong Museum of Art, 1981, nos. 107 & 108, where the author illustrates another dish dated to the renzi year corresponding to 1672; a further related dish dated to 1666 is illustrated by Margaret Medley in Blue-and-White and the Qing Dynasty, Transactions of the Oriental Ceramic Society, vol. 51, 1986-1987, no. 5, p. 67.