5. M4830



Chinese pottery sancai, three-colour glazed globular waterpot and cover, guan, with gently inturned mouth and ridged lipped rim, the cover with a bud-form finial, splashed on the body with a bright three-colour glaze running towards the unglazed slightly concave foot revealing the buff-coloured body, with a clear glaze on the well of the interior, the cover similarly decorated.

2 5/8 inches, 6.7 cm total height.

Tang dynasty, Gongxian kilns, Henan Province, 7th – 8th century. Japanese wooden box.



Provenance & Additional Information

  • From the collection of the Toguri Museum of Art, Japan.
  • Included by the Osaka Art Museum, Osaka, in their exhibition of Chugoku Bijutsu Ten Series: Zui To no Bijutsu, The Art of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, 1976, no. 1-25, p. 8.
  • Included by Junkichi Mayuyama in Mayuyama, Seventy Years, Volume One, 298, p. 105.
  • Purchased from Eiji Nishikawa, Tokyo, Japan.
  • Published by Marchant in their exhibition of Chinese Ceramics Tang to Song, 2022, no. 5, pp. 16-17.
  • A similar example is included by Regina Krahl in Chinese Ceramics from the Meiyintang Collection, Volume Three (I), no. 1251, pp. 234/5 and another is in Volume One, no. 244, pp. 144/5, where the author notes, “For a similar jar and cover with unevenly splashed sancai glazes, excavated from the tomb at Linru, Henan Province, see Kaogu, 1988, no. 2, pl. 8, fig. 4.” Another, formerly in the collections of Mrs. Christian R. Holmes, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Bernat and H. M. Knight and included in the Oriental Ceramic Society exhibition, Arts of the T’ang Dynasty, 1954, no. 135, and was included by Margaret Medley in the catalogue of Tang Sancai Pottery, Selected from the Collection of Alan and Simone Hartman, an exhibition at the International Ceramic Fair, London, 1989, no. 24, pp. 52/3.


Overall excellent condition, one small unglazed area from a natural touch in the kiln which has now been painted, measuring 1.4 cm in diameter, the cover with a small inner rim chip, natural firing imperfections and various small flakes including one to the tip of the finial.