Chinese porcelain blue and white vase of gu form with galleried rim painted on the central bulge with a young emperor seated holding a lotus flower, three attendants holding hu tablets in front of a screen beside two standing guards, each holding a halberd in a fenced terrace with bamboo plants and wuti, the gently flared neck painted with three officials also holding hu tablets, one pointing at the moon, their attendants holding gifts in a fenced landscape, with rockwork and bamboo at the edge of a terrace, beneath a triangular diaper on the rim, the foot with a further diaper band beneath a wide band of three pine branches.

13 7/8 inches, 35.3 cm high.

The underside with a six-character mark of Chenghua within a double ring, Kangxi, circa 1690.

  • Formerly in the Honourable Hugh J. Grant and Lucie Mackey Grant Collection. The former was Mayor of New York, 1889-1892.
  • Included by Marchant in their catalogue Recent Acquisitions, 2010, no. 29, pp. 50-51.
  • No other examples of this exaggerated broad gu form, appear to be published.
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