Brushpot, bitong, of cylindrical form painted with the Daoist immortal Lü Dongbin resting on rocks beside two wine jars with a  seated willow tree spirit, Liushu Jing, on a fallen tree trunk playing a flute, all beneath the moon, amongst bamboo, rockwork and cloud banks in a continuous scene between anhua bands, the base unglazed revealing the dense white biscuit body.

6 ¼ inches, 15.9cm high.

Chongzhen, 1628-1644.

  • Published by Marchant in the exhibition of The Dr. Lowell Young Collection Ming & Qing Blue & White Porcelain, 2012, no. 10.
  • Formerly in the collection of Dr. Lowell S. Young, San Francisco, USA, collection no. 53.
  • Purchased from Berwald, 1990’s.
  • A similar demon is depicted on two small sleeve vases illustrated by Sir Michael Butler in Chinese Porcelain from the Butler Collections, Late Ming, Musée National d’historie et d’art, Luxembourg, 2008, no’s.99 and 100, p.138/9.

明崇祯 青花吕洞宾人物故事图笔筒

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