Chinese porcelain blue and white bombé censer, xianglu, with galleried rim and everted foot, painted on the exterior with the Three Star gods, Fuxing, the god of happiness, seated beside a Buddhist lion wearing a cap and long flowing robes, beside Luxing, the god of prosperity, seated beside a Buddhist lion, wearing an official hat and a ruyi-cloud waist band over his portly stomach, and Shoulao, the god of longevity, seated beside his deer, all between large characters, fu lu shou, above a ruyi-head band and beneath a triangular diaper on the galleried rim.

8 ½ inches, 21.8 cm diameter.

The base with a six-character mark of Xuande within a double ring in underglaze blue.

Kangxi, circa 1690.

  • From a Portuguese private collection.
  • Sold by Berwald, London, circa 2000.
  • A censer of similar form, painted with the eighteen Luohans, with a Kangxi reign mark and dated dedication corresponding to 1695 in the Shanghai Museum Collection, is illustrated by Wang Qingzheng in Underglaze Blue & Red, no. 114, p. 118.
  • A blue and white censer with four seated Luohans and the four characters, a mi tuo fo, was included by Marchant in their exhibition of Imperial Chinese Porcelain, Ceramics & Works of Art, 2013, no. 11,
  1. 26/7.
  • The three figures and the three characters form the rebus fulushou sanxing, ‘may you have long life, prosperity and happiness.’


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