Chinese Longquan monochrome celadon glazed cosmetic box of circular form, the cover moulded in relief with a peony bloom on a branch with three leaves all within a single ring, covered overall in a luminous even pale celadon sea-green glaze, the box base plain with unglazed interior rim and base revealing the stoneware biscuit body.
2 7/8inches, 7.3 cm diameter.
Southern Song Dynasty, Longquan kilns, Zhejiang Province, 12th – 13th century.

  • Formerly in the collection of The Honourable Mr. Justice Robert Tang Kwok-ching, SBS, The Xiwenguozhai Collection.
    • A similar box and cover moulded in relief with a lotus flower, in the Guanfu Museum, Beijing, was included by Ma Weidu in the exhibition of The Art of Chinese Box, 2009, no. 73, p. 150.
    • A similar box, carved with a single lotus flowerhead on a branch with leaves, from the collection of Mr. H. J. Oppenheim, is included by R. L. Hobson and A. L. Hetherington in The Art of the Chinese Potter, Fig. 2, plate LXV.

龍泉窑青釉牡丹紋蓋盒 南宋 十二至十三世紀 喜聞過齋舊藏

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