A large Japanese Arita octagonal jar, the body painted with green, yellow and turquoise enamels, iron-red and gilt and underglaze blue with a continuous scene of branches of pomegranate, peach, banana plant and peony amongst foliage, all between a wide band at the shoulder enclosing alternating peony, prunus blossom, flowers and pine branches, below a band at the neck of a continuous branch of blossoms and foliage, with an underglaze blue band of stylised petals below, above the foot.
17 inches, 43 cm high.
circa 1720.
*Formerly in the collection of Soame Jenyns, a former curator of the British Museum and author of many books.
*Included by Soame Jenyns in Japanese Porcelain, p. 54 and p. 147, illustration 29a.

condition: perfect; a natural vertical fire flaw 3.5 cm long x 0.5 cm, hardly noticeable.

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