A Chinese porcelain late Ming blue and white chamber pot with upright flared spout, the handle in the form of a stoat, the globular body painted with three flying horses amongst clouds and flaming pearls, signs of light and ribbon tied objects, all above waves, the shoulder with three Buddhist lion mask handles with holes for strap and painted with lotus flowers and scrolling foliage on blue ground.
8 inches, 20.4 cm overall height
circa 1643

  • For an identical form chamber pot, salvaged from the Hatcher wreck, see Shunzhi Porcelain, Treasures from an Unknown Reign, by Michael Butler, Julia B Curtis and Stephen Little, p. 89, colour plate 3, where the authors state, “it’s decoration has most of the elements seen on the Shunzhi pieces…but in a painting style that might generally be thought to be ten or twenty years earlier”.

condition: some frits on the mask handles


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