Chinese monochrome qingbai glazed bowl of conical form carved on the interior with twenty-two roundels with comb technique borders, covered overall in a rich and even pale blue glaze pooling on the underside towards the foot rim, the biscuit base revealing the high-fired ceramic body.
7 1⁄4 inches, 18.5 cm diameter.
Southern Song Dynasty, Jingdezhen, circa 1200.

  • Formerly in an old Hong Kong collection.
  • Purchased from Susan Chen & Co., 25th July 1985.
  • Sold by Marchant, 19th June 1991.
  • Formerly in the collection of a titled English gentleman.
  • A similar bowl of this design and measurement is included by Junkichi Mayuyama in Mayuyama, Seventy Years, Volume One, no. 433, p. 148; another related bowl incised with boys, in the Baur Foundation, Geneva, was included by Monique Crick in the exhibition of Chinese Trade Ceramics for South-East Asia, Collection of Ambassador and Mrs. Charles Müller, 2010, no. 74, pp. 164/5, where the author notes, ‘A bowl with identical decoration was brought to light from a tomb dated 1201, in the district of Yihuang in Jiangxi.’

青白釉刻花碗 南宋 約1200 年


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