A wucai hexagonal deep dish with indented brown washed rim, painted in the centre with a lotus pond, a heron stands beside flowering lotus, leaves and aquatic plants with a bird in flight, within a moulded panelled border of six aquatic creatures, fish, toad, terrapin, shrimp, snail and crab on different diaper grounds.

8 3/8 inches, 21.3cm diameter.

Sealmark fu (happiness) within a double square.

Tianqi/Chongzhen, 1630-1645.

  • Published by Marchant in their exhibition of Ming Porcelain for the Japanese Market Ko-sometsuke & Ko-akai, 2008, no. 31, pp. 62-63.
  • A similar piece illustrated by John Ayers in The Baur Collection, Chinese Ceramics, Volume Two, no.A237, Geneva, 1969 and again by John Ayers in Chinese Ceramics, The Baur Collection, Volume 1, Geneva, 1999, no.120, p.184/5; another is illustrated by Suzanne G. Valenstein in Oriental Ceramics, Volume 11, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Kondansha Series, Tokyo, 1982, pl.101; a further example is included by S. Marchant & Son in their exhibition of Transitional Ware of the Japanese and Domestic Markets, June 1989, no.74, p.47.
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