Blue and white moulded leaf shape dish on three bracket feet painted in the reverse technique in the form of a single leaf with central spine from which everted striped lines emit, painted with stylised water drops beneath a serrated edge.

7 3/4 inches, 19.6 cm diameter.

Tianqi, 1621-1627.

  • Formerly in a Japanese private collection.
  • Included by Marchant in their exhibition of Ming Porcelain for the Japanese Market, 2008, no. 19a-e, pp. 42/3 (one of a set of five).
  • An identical set of five are illustrated by Masahiko Kawahara in Ko-sometsuke, Colour Section, no. 169, pp. 216/7.
  • This type of dish is meant to be used for fish in the meal after the tea ceremony. It is possible that the leaf is inspired by plantain.
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