Chinese porcelain blue and white rouleau vase with high shoulder cylindrical ribbed neck and galleried rim, painted with a scholar and attendant crossing a rocky promontory in a mountainous river landscape scene, with a fisherman seated in his boat, houses in the mountains, waterfall, pine, wuti and a pair of birds in flight, the neck with ruyi-head, key-fret and interlocked bands, divided by a single horizontal rib.

18 3/4 inches, 47.6 cm high.

Kangxi, circa 1700.

  • Formerly in a private French collection.
  • Included by Marchant in their catalogue Recent Acquisitions, 2010, no. 27, pp. 46-47.

A similar vase is illustrated in Blue and White Porcelain with Underglaze Red (III), The Complete Collection of Treasures of The Palace Museum, Beijing, Vol. 36, no. 15, p. 19; another similarly decorated baluster vase, was included by Marchant in their catalogue Recent Acquisitions, 2008, no. 46, pp. 102-103

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