Tang to Qing, fourteen centuries of Chinese art, an amzing time span.

The present catalogue contains 58 pieces, all excellent examples of several periods; Tang pottery, Ming and Qing imperial porcelain, Chinese domestic-market porcelain of the Kangxi period and examples of export porcelain.

Some highlighted pieces to mention:

No. 2 – Tang blue-splashed pouring vessel – the simple globular form and rare blue colour have great appeal.

No. 12 – Zhengde imperial mark and period brush rest. Another is in the Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art, London.

No. 47 – ge type imperial octagonal lobed brushwasher, Qianlong mark and period. A classic Qing monochrome.

No. 53 – Remarkable 18th century goose terrine in perfect condition.

The catalogue is now available to view live on our website, www.marchantasianart.com and is available for purchase for GBP £80/ USA $130 (inc. p&p).

We will also be exibiting at Art Antiques London, Thursday 12th June – Wednesday 18th June 2014