Chinese jade rhyton carved as a naturalistic pine trunk with three extending elaborate pine branches in pale celadon taupe with russet markings, all on a gnarled naturalistic ground, the pale celadon branch with two tree shrews holding a pine leaf.
5 inches, 12.7 cm high.
Qianlong, 1736-1795.

  • Formerly in the collection of Josette Schulmann, Paris and recorded as in her collection on the 17 December 1976.
  • Related examples are illustrated by M. Knight and H. Lee in Later Chinese Jades, Ming Dynasty to Early 20th Century from the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, p. 110, no. 80; a pine and crane brush pot is illustrated in Compendium of Collections in the Palace Museum: Jade, no. 9, Qing Dynasty, no. 4.
  • In Chinese, the word “shu” is used for squirrels, tree shrew and rats.