More than half of the pieces in this catalogue are ‘mark and period’, 27 to be precise. This is a surprising number because of their increasing scarcity. One of the reasons is the longevity of Marchant as we can source pieces from old clients.

The front cover piece is a Chinese imperial porcelain green and yellow globular bottle vase, Jiaqing sealmark and of the period 1796-1820, formerly in the Edward James Collection. A rare feature of this vase is the three incised dragons on the body and the incised sealmark on the base. We believe this vase to be unique.

The back cover piece is an ‘old friend’. 51 years ago Marchant’s sold to an English collector, Mr Anthony Evans (of Kent), an Imperial doucai stem cup, Yongzheng mark and period, 1723-1735. Its quality of potting, elegance of shape and wonderful contrasting colours, made Richard Marchant want to bring it back to Marchant’s when it was on offer at auction with most of Mr Evans’ collection. Against competition from around the world, Mr Marchant succeeded to purchase the stem cup, now featured in the latest catalogue and prominently illustrated on the back cover.

A full colour hardback illustrated catalogue will be available from Tuesday 2nd April, priced £80 / $130 USD including postage.

The catalogue will be online to view from Wednesday 3rd April 2013 on our website