95th Anniversary Exhibition
The Lobl Collection of Chinese Jades

The first exhibition to be featured on the new website is The Lobl Collection. All the pieces have interactive 360° photography spins alongside the still images.

The exhibition will be on display in our gallery from 29th October – 12th November.
Opening weekend times:
Saturday 31st October: 11:00-17:30
Sunday 1st November: CLOSED

E-Commerce | Buy Directly through the website

We want our clients to have the option of purchasing works of art through the website, as well as our catalogues. You can easily set up your own account.

360° Photography

New technology has allowed us to photograph pieces so that they can be viewed as a whole. This is a fantastic tool for looking at pieces, especially if you can’t physically come to the gallery. We will be gradually adding this option for other pieces such as vases and bowls.

New Layout & Look

The new website design is clearer and brighter with more information available online about each piece, with detailed sections for condition reports and more ways of viewing pieces.