Kangxi Biscuit and Pottery: A Private French Collection

Available Pieces
  • 23. M5356


    Chinese turquoise glazed biscuit porcelain joss-stick holder in the form of the He He Erxian, both seated and smiling with their arms around each other, one holding a box, the other a floral branch and exposing their corpulent bellies protruding from their robes, above a singular circular joss-stick holder, with unglazed base.

  • 25. M5351


    Pair of Chinese high-fired tilework garden seats, zuodun, each pierced on the body with an interlocking drum shaped design, covered in an apple-green glaze, both ends in rich amber glaze with high relief studs.

  • 27. M5342


    Large Chinese famille verte biscuit porcelain sancai openwork fruit-form pyramid scroll weight, zhizhen, on a quatrefoil-lobed integral stand, with extensive fruit in green, yellow, aubergine and black glazes, amongst large vine leaves, all on an openwork rock form ground, the sancai splashed base with everted, green-glazed rim, the base unglazed.

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  • 28. M5341


    Large pair of Chinese famille verte biscuit porcelain, sancai lotus-pod form pyramid scroll weights, zhizhen, each consisting of large lotus pods stacked amongst lotus leaves and branches with green glazed relief steepled flat ends and yellow glaze bodies, one with a small pod issuing from leaves at the top, all on quadrifoliate lobed integral stands splashed in yellow, green and aubergine, with a flat everted ridge edge and green rim, the bases unglazed.

  • 30. M5346


    Large Chinese high fired pottery seated figure of Guandi, in full armour with right foot raised and hand clenched while his left hand rests on his thigh, with the front of his left boot raised, the armour tied with straps and linked by mythical animal masks above his belt, the shoulders with similar masks, his head turned wearing a helmet with wings surmounted by a stylised flame, seated on a lion skin draped over a naturalistic rockwork base, painted in blue, turquoise, yellow and white glazes on the biscuit body, the unglazed face and hands with traces of original pigment and his belt with traces of original gilt.

  • 31. M5336


    Pair of Chinese famille verte, sancai, biscuit porcelain models of Buddhist lions, each on a raised rectangular plinth, the female with a puppy climbing at her front raised right leg, the male with an openwork reticulated brocade bowl with cash motif under his front left leg, the body with bright yellow and green glaze with detailed hairwork, the raised bases with splash glaze, the unglazed flat bases with traces of muslin from the firing, each base with a two character ink mark, gui mao, “elegant and good spirited”.

  • 32. M5309


    Chinese famille verte biscuit porcelain model of a seated Guanyin holding a child, her right knee raised holding a flywhisk and her left arm holding a young boy with a lotus leaf, wearing a long bead necklace, with a high cowl covering her hair tied in a raised bun, with green skirt, yellow jacket and aubergine cowl and raised girdle, the unglazed flat base with muslin marking from the firing.

  • 33. M5310


    Chinese famille verte biscuit porcelain sancai model of a Guanyin, seated with her right leg raised, wearing an apple-green glazed robe, with aubergine cowl, holing two lotus-leaf branches and a bottle vase with leaf sprays, the unglazed base with muslin marks from the firing.

  • 34. M5316


    Chinese famille verte, sancai, biscuit porcelain moulded seated miniature figure of a bearded scholar wearing an official hat, holding a ruyi-sceptre on a raised base with stylised leaf form lappets, the flat base unglazed.

  • 35. M5304


    Chinese famille verte biscuit porcelain group of the laughing twins, He He Erxian, one holding a flywhisk, the other a lotus leaf branch, both standing on an aubergine-glazed pierced rockwork base sprayed with yellow-glazed cash, one wearing a green jacket, the other a yellow jacket, their faces, heads and body with a clear glaze, the flat base unglazed.

  • 36. M5317


    Chinese miniature famille verte biscuit porcelain seated model of a scholar holding a fan on a raised lotus leaf base, the flat base unglazed revealing the original muslin from the firing.

  • 37. M5319


    Chinese famille verte biscuit porcelain miniature standing figure with his arms crossed wearing a yellow jacket, green and aubergine skirt and a basket pouch at his side, the face, arms and feet in clear glaze, all on a rockwork base.

  • 38. M5306


    Chinese famille verte biscuit porcelain standing figure of a boy holding a lingzhi branch above his left shoulder, wearing a green jacket tied at the waist with an aubergine belt, the head, hands and legs left in the biscuit, all on a raised double plinth rectangular stand.

  • 39. M5334


    Pair of Chinese famille verte biscuit porcelain standing parrots, each perched on yellow glazed pierced rockwork, their detailed, moulded bodies stippled at the breast with overlapping feathers and long tail feathers and covered in a rich apple-green glaze, the eyes inset with black enamel, the beak and detailed claws left in the biscuit.

  • 40. M5311


    Pair of Chinese famille verte biscuit porcelain standing figures of Cao Guojiu holding an ingot, his hair tied up in two buns and a figure of He Xiangu holding a branch of lingzhi with a ruyi-head, each with a green jacket, yellow skirt and aubergine pierced rockwork raised bases, the detailed faces and hands with clear glaze.

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