Famille Rose

Available Pieces
  • M4978


    Chinese imperial porcelain large saucer dish painted with five dragons, wu long, the centre with the forward facing gilt and iron-red five clawed dragon, its body encircling a flaming pearl between an ascending blue enamel dragon and a descending turquoise dragon, all amongst ruyi-clouds in rose, turquoise, blue and white enamels with stylized red flames and all reserved on a rich and even lemon-yellow ground, the underside with a pink dragon and a green dragon heightened in black enamel, all the dragons’ claws in white and on a similar ground between flaming pearls beneath the gilt rim.

  • M5427and8


    Pair of Chinese imperial porcelain famille rose, fencai, lobed jardinieres on five ruyi-head feet, the body decorated with gilt circular shou-character medallions amongst iron red bats in flight and blue enamel wan-characters, all heightened in gilt on a rich lemon yellow ground, the flat slightly lipped rim with flowerheads on a lime green ground, the interior and base with turquoise enamel lining.

  • M5378


    Chinese porcelain famille rose plate painted in the centre in grisaille with a pagoda amongst rockwork with a walled viewing pavilion in the foreground and an equestrian scholar crossing a bridge with his attendant behind, in a river landscape scene with a fishing boat and waterfall, within a stylised famille rose rococo border with folded flowers, painted on a wide everted rim with four grisaille landscape reserves, two in openwork scrolls, with figures, pavilions and a pagoda, on a dense rococo floral ground with scrolls, swags and a keyfret band, beneath a brown enamel and gilt scroll band at the rim, the rim dressed brown.

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  • M5375


    Chinese imperial porcelain large dish, brightly painted in famille rose, fencai enamels with bajixiang, the eight auspicious emblems, each ribbon tied and amongst eight different flowering branches in pink, blue, light blue, turquoise green, iron red, gilt, yellow, white and lime green enamels encircling a stylised central flowerhead with interlinked other flowers, all within a double gilt border, the rim with a wide band of pink ruyi-heads on a lemon yellow ground, the underside with three different flower sprays each on a leafy branch with other flowers and leaves.

  • R1366


    Chinese porcelain famille rose hexagonal openwork brushpot with reticulated panels with fretwork and cash motif on different coloured diaper grounds, each with a central grisaille mountainous river landscape medallion, all on six bracket feet, the base unglazed.

  • M5165


    Chinese imperial porcelain famille rose, fencai, “over the wall” bowl and cover, all painted with fruiting lychee branches and buds, around the sides and continuing over the rim, with sprays of bamboo and a butterfly, hovering on the interior and exterior.

  • M5095


    Chinese imperial porcelain fencai large thickly potted dish, finely painted with five-clawed iron-red and blue dragon on each side of a flaming gilt pearl, all amongst stylised ruyi-clouds and flames within a wide gilt band, the underside with an aubergine dragon and another iron-red dragon with two pearls amongst stylised clouds and flames.

  • R1085


    A very large Chinese imperial porcelain “hundred bats”, baifu, charger painted with iron-red bats in flight amongst fencai stylised ruyi-head clouds in purple, turquoise, blue and yellow enamels, all within a gilt band at the rim, the underside similarly decorated above a gilt band at the foot and beneath an iron-red line at the rim.

  • M1860


    A fine and rare pair of Chinese export porcelain famille rose groups of lovers, each depicting a kneeling gentleman wearing a chilong dragon-medallion robe holding a conical square cup and smiling at a lady standing at his side with her arm over his shoulder, each figure with detailed head dress, the lady with elaborate striped robes and ruyi head yellow-ground shawl.

  • R9041


    Chinese porcelain famille rose saucer dish, painted with the scene ‘Under the Arbour’ with a seated lady and attendants beside a topiary version of a Western architectural garden arch with children at the front and ducks swimming in a pond, framed by foliage, encircled by twelve reserves of butterflies, insects, fruit and flowers on a green-enamel diaper ground with iron-red shells and flowerheads, the underside with an iron-red and purple enamel pendant band.

  • M3434


    A pair of Chine porcelain famille rose European subject fluted tea-bowls and saucers, each painted with a reclining lady with European hairstyle, lying on a bed beside a stack of books, in a fenced terrace scene with a bird perched on a branch, the ladies shoes in the foreground, encircled by six reserves of peony and chrysanthemum on different diaper grounds of iron-red, turquoise and pink enamel, the body fluted beneath a foliate guilt rim, the tea-bowls similarly painted.

  • M4778/9


    A pair of Chinese porcelain famille rose plates each painted with two cockerels, one standing on blue- enamel rockwork looking at the other, amongst flowering peonies and overhanging flowering buds, within a border of 6 panels of flowering branches in bianco supro bianco, the rim with a turquoise diaper band.

  • M4707


    Chinese porcelain fencai, famille rose jardinière of circular deep form with flat everted rim, painted on the exterior in a continuous scene with Zhong Kui, the Demon Queller, riding a piebald horse beside his attendant carrying a chest and wrapped qin, while accompanying his sister, Mei’er, to her wedding, she is seated and being pushed in a wheeled sedan chair, beneath overhanging willow and beside rockwork, beneath the moon and clouds, the base unglazed with an ink three-character mark.

  • R9499


    A pair of  Chinese export porcelain famille rose octagonal plates painted in the centre with a stag running away from two chasing white hounds with black markings, beside a large tree amongst bushes, within an iron red border of petals with gilt scroll edging, the everted rim with eight panels enclosing alternating branches of roses and other flowers with white enamel flowering and fruiting branches, divided by grisaille octagonal diaper, the undersides plain.

  • M4045


    Chinese porcelain famille rose, fencai, baluster vase and cover with black and ruby enamel ground, landscape and floral panels.

  • M4313


    A Chinese export porcelain famille rose plate painted with ‘La Dame Au Parasol’ after a design by Cornelis Pronk with bird and figural reserves on the elaborate pink ground border, the reverse with eight insects.

  • M4585/6


    A pair of Chinese imperial porcelain famille rose enamelled fencai saucer dishes, each brightly painted with the bajixiang, ribbon-tied with flowering branches in green, blue, pink, turquoise, white, aubergine and iron-red enamels encircling a stylised central lotus flower head and interlinked flower heads in lime green enamel, all within gilt rings, the underside with branches of stylised lotus, peony and peach flowers, with a peach and bud on elaborate scrolls.

  • R9780/1/2


    A set of three Chinese porcelain famille rose tea bowls and saucers in the form of lotus leaves, the exterior of the cups and underside of the saucers in relief with flowering lotus branches and foliage on a ground of graduating red lotus petals, repeated on the saucer, the well of the cup and centre of the saucer with a peony bloom within a gilt spear head border.

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