Famille Rose

Available Pieces
  • R9573


    A pair of Chinese porcelain famille rose plates, each painted in the centre with four Yang family lady equestrians in front of a terrace, overlooked by three men on a balcony, all enclosed by a decorative band at the rim divided by four panels of precious objects.

  • R8632


    A pair of Chinese porcelain famille rose square dishes painted with the Yang family lady equestrians, each on a different coloured horse, riding through an archway and a vine-covered arbour, while three gentlemen look on from a terrace, the raised rim decorated in the corners with books and scrolls in iron-red and gilt, tied with ribbons on octagonal pink diaper ground with flowerheads, the bases unglazed.

  • R9623


    A pair of semi-eggshell Chinese export porcelain cups and saucers painted with six panels of alternating white and pink flowers, the saucers with a central medallion with a large flowerhead repeated in the well of the cups, all on a black enamel ground with leaves and flowers.

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  • M3339


    Pair of Chinese porcelain famille rose, fencai, square tapered vases and stands, painted on the facets with eight different scenes, comprised of a General in conversation with two dignitaries at a city wall, three ladies beside a table, a young couple with a child, and a lady and gentleman walking beside a fence, the other vase with two smiling men dancing, holding fans meeting a young figure with a sword tied to his back, a monk seated on a mat beside a lady and attendant, a scholar in landscape with attendant and boy and a couple on either side of a long table, all beneath the sloping shoulders, with pink flowerheads and leaves on a lemon yellow ground, beneath butterflies on the neck and a crenulated band on the flat square rim, the stands decorated with a turquoise and yellow enamelled ground with stylised flowers and a triangular iron-red diaper on the flat rim.

  • M3376


    Chinese porcelain famille rose, fencai, large dish painted in the centre with He Xiangu travelling on a giant peach leaf raft with her attendant steering, amongst billowing and crested waves beside a pink open winged bat in flight and beneath overhanging rockwork with fruiting peach branches, encircled by the Eight Immortals above waves in ruyi-head reserves, Han Zhongli holding a flywhisk leaning on a giant peach, Zhang Guolao holding drum sticks and riding on a donkey, Lü Dongbin carrying his sword and riding a dragon fish, He Xiangu holding a lotus branch and riding on a peach leaf, Li Tieguai with a gourd on his back riding a dragon raft, Han Xiangzi playing a flute riding a crab, Lan Caihe holding a basket and riding a giant shrimp and Cao Guojiu catching his music stones and riding a yellow horse, all on pink and turquoise diaper grounds.

  • M3917


    A Famille rose globular teapot and cover, painted in puce, grisaille and gilt.

  • R9506


    A Chinese porcelain grisaille European subject semi-eggshell tea bowl and saucer, the saucer painted with a ‘bathing scene’ with a nude lady stepping into a bath with boy attendant pouring water into a bath, within a decorative border at the cavetto with alternating circular and foliate panels painted in puce enamel, all on a gilt decorative ground, the cup painted with the same scene repeated on two sides.

  • M3060


    Pair of famille rose large dishes, each brightly enamelled with a central scene of two horses gambolling, one a piebald in iron-red with gilt and white enamel speckles and one in pink and ruby enamel, beneath a large willow tree amongst rockwork, lingzhi fungus and flowers, encircled in the cavetto by cash and lozenge reserves on green and pink-diaper grounds with gilt flower heads, the flat everted rim with four flower sprays of peony, prunus, daisy, chrysanthemum and bamboo beneath an iron-red scroll band at the rim.

  • R8875


    Pair of famille rose candlesticks, each with a foliate-edged square base and balustrade fluted stem surmounted by a cylindrical ribbed candle holder, painted on the base with eight flowerheads amongst leaves above a turquoise-enamel scrolling band with four further flowerheads beneath the balustrade, painted on each flute with leaves dispersed between prunus flowerheads.

  • R7842


    Pair of famille rose rococo chamber sticks with branch and leaf handles, each candle holder modelled as a flowerhead with pink and yellow petals supported on a large open vine leaf with red berries, all on a raised rectangular plinth with underglaze-blue recessed panels moulded with gilt interlinked scrolls.

  • M3051


    Famille rose figural group of a seated Chinese man drinking beside a lady with his arm on her shoulder, both on a naturalist pierced rockwork plinth, the man’s blue-enamelled unbuttoned tunic incised with ruyi-clouds, also wearing iron-red breeches and black enamelled boots, the lady with her right hand raised to her mouth, wearing a yellow jacket with landscape panels and a blue dress with a leg and bound foot revealed, her hair tied and pinned in a high chignon.

  • M3289


    Famille rose and grisaille eggshell soup plate, painted in the centre with a mountainous river-landscape scene with a tall pagoda in the distance and a gated village in the foreground with a figure and his attendant between two horses, another figure crossing a bridge with a fisherman sitting in his boat beside his raised fishing rod, all amongst delicately painted rockwork, trees and houses, beneath a wide gilt floral leafy continuous branch in the cavetto, the flat everted rim with three peony sprays in leaf-shape reserves, besides white and pink chrysanthemum on a pink diaper ground and a gilt diaper band at the rim.

  • M3369


    A Chinese porcelain famille rose tea bowl and saucer of fluted petal form, painted with two fishing boats, one with fisherman and net and oarsman, the other with lady and oar and boy, in a river scene with flowering lotus in a mountainous landscape with farmer carrying bales of hay, another astride a water buffalo, a further figure in front of a terrace looks on.

  • R9217


    A Chinese porcelain famille rose Mandarin palette punch bowl painted on exterior with a pair of dappled horses in iron red and a brown enamel amongst foliage and rock work. The reverse with a pair of dappled oxen beside a large butterfly, dispersed between rococo reserves of a basket of flowers and a vase. The interior with masks and pendant ribbons and encircling a flower spray in the centre of the well.

  • R9053


    A pair of Chinese porcelain famille rose circular dishes with everted rims painted in the centre with a standing lady, her arms around the trunk of a willow tree, looking at another standing lady holding a wrapped qin, all in a fenced garden with blue enamel rockwork and bamboo, within a border of branches of plum blossom, peonies, and poppies.

  • M2963


    A Chinese porcelain large famille rose circular deep dish with everted rim, painted in the centre with a cockerel with yellow body and black chest and tail feathers, with red coxcomb and wattle, standing on blue enamel rockwork amongst flowering peony plants and aster, a butterfly above, the border with eight ruyi-head panels enclosing flowers and fruits,

  • R8998/9


    A pair of Chinese porcelain semi-eggshell teabowls and saucers of petal form painted in iron-red, gilt, blue, green and aubergine enamels, with a young woman opening the door of a bird cage, beside a seated man wearing a tri-corn hat in a fenced garden with flowers and three birds, the subject is taken from a painting entitled Le dénicheur d’oiseaux.

  • M878


    A pair of Chinese porcelain famille rose two-handled ice buckets of fluted form with foliate rims, painted on each side with a tied bouquet of peony, camellia, chrysanthemum, rose and pink, amongst smaller flowers and foliage on a flower spray ground, the handles decorated with iron-red and gilt highly stylised dragons, the everted foot rim with iron-red, gilt and puce prunus flower heads, the foliate rim with original gilding.

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